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Canadian Sports Part 1

Ep. 8 - July 15, 2019

Jordan and Ryan investigate Canadian sports, and find Olympic gold, grueling feats done for the good of humanity, and a loudmouth with louder suits. (Also, We still The North!)

The CBC’s “Biggest Moments in Canadian Sports History” list ( was a great source of info for this episode.

You can see every Hockey Night In Canada opening in this video (—HU, or—HU?t=348 if you just want the one we played on the show).

For more on The Hockey Theme, check out its Wikipedia article (

For more on the Donovan Bailey Fastest Man controversy, check out the related section of Bailey’s Wikipedia article ( and the Bailey-Johnson 150m race article (

This CBC article ( revisits the Gushue rink’s win. Apparently, Mark Nichols didn’t have a 100% accuracy, but he did have a 97% accuracy, so let’s call it a rounding error.

This video ( shows Henderson’s Summit Series winning goal and the (very 70s) reaction.

Don’t forget to check out the Coach’s Corner Transcribed videos we used, “No Time Left” ( and “Tyler Toffoli” ( If you liked them, here’s the channel page (

Thanks to The Motorleague( for our theme song “North America”!

Jordan Rhea
Jordan Rhea
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Ryan Oldford
Ryan Oldford
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