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Canadian Superheroes

Ep. 7 - July 03, 2019

Jordan and Ryan investigate Canadian superheroes, and find wartime heroism, propose Marvel’s next Netflix series, and find out what happens when you have a pile of money, a penchant for New Age thinking and absolutely no editorial oversight.

Canada, Explain Yourself: Canada Gooses (

Most of the list was taken from “7 Most Canadian Superheroes Ever” by Mental Floss (

The “Guardians of the North” article from Library and Archives Canada ( provided a lot of details on various Canadian heroes, especially on the history of superheroes in Canadian comics.

Here’s Ryan’s City of Heroes character, True North (TM do not steal) (

The “Joe Shuster” article on Wikipedia ( has details on his time in Canada, but this CBC article ( and this Superman Homepage article ( have more detail on the Canadian influences on the comic.

Here’s a picture of Captain Canuck from his first comic ( and here he is in the new Chapterhouse Comics series (

This story talks about how groundbreaking Alpha Flight was for its time.(

And as for Geoff Stirling’s Captain Canada, you can read more about the Atlantis graphic novel from this Comic Book Daily article(, and… just read this. Trust me.(

Thanks to The Motorleague( for our theme song “North America”!

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Jordan Rhea
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