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Canadian 90s Playlist (Part 1)

Ep. 3 - April 08, 2019

Jordan and Ryan investigate Spotify’s Canadian 90s playlist, and go deep in the grunge mines.

Moment of Canadianness: Refugee children enjoying snow for 1st time(

Check out Spotify’s Canadian ’90s playlist(

Band facts:

  • Details about Great Big Sea’s cover of “End of the World” taken from the Wikipedia article about the original song. (
  • Other band facts sourced from the Wikipedia articles for each group. (You know how to get them.)

Check out Punch Up The Jam at !

Thanks to The Motorleague( for our theme song “North America”!

Jordan Rhea
Jordan Rhea
Web developer and amateur juggler
Ryan Oldford
Ryan Oldford
Teacher and warden of the North